High-throughput sequencing and taxonomic classification are essential for microbiome research projects. Our complete 16S microbiome analysis includes 16S sequencing, taxonomic classification of organisms, sample diversity statistics, and the option to assess the beta diversity between groups of samples (e.g. populations, treatments, sites). Project-specific analyses are available upon request.

We currently offer amplicon based 16S sequencing for V1-2, V3, V4, and V6. A custom mix of variable regions can be ordered as well.

Sample Submission Guidelines

DNA for 16S Sequencing

  • Extraction via a kit designed for microbiome analysis (e.g. ZymoBIOMICS DNA Kit)

  • Optical Density (260/280): 1.8-2.0

  • No RNA contamination

  • Suspended in DNase-free water or such buffers as 10mM Tris, Qiagen EB, or TE

  • At least 10ul of DNA at a concentration of > 5 ng/ul

  • Shipped with dry ice

Stool and Soil Samples for 16S Sequencing

  • Flash freeze as soon as collected

  • A minimum of 0.5g of stool or soil

  • Stored at -80C prior to shipping

  • Shipped with dry ice

  • Alternative: collect samples with Zymo DNA/RNA Shield and ship at ambient temperature

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