Differential expression analysis of changing and treated datasets can lead to key clues and conclusions for a number of different experiments and research. Our RNA sequencing capabilities allow us to assess these transcriptome-level differences as well as report back vital information, such as alternative splicing, gene fusions and mutations. Specialized analysis such as xenograft model separation and mutational burden are available upon request.

Capabilities include

  • mRNA Sequencing

  • Total RNA Sequencing

  • Exome Capture RNA Sequencing

  • Targeted Panel RNA Sequencing (Custom or Ordered)

  • Small RNA Sequencing

  • Gene Expression Profiling

Sample Submissions Guidelines

Total RNA

  • Optical Density (260/280): 1.8-2.2

  • RNA Integrity Number (RIN): ≥4.0

  • Minimum Quantity: 500 ng

  • Best Result Quantities: At least 40 µl of >50 ng/µl solution

  • Buffer: Nuclease-free water

  • Shipped with dry ice

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